Monday, January 10, 2011

More Snow and a New Addition to the Office

This is what we woke up to this morning...another gorgeous snowy morning. Ya'll we live in the deep South, and this is just unheard of....and I LOVE IT!!
 We took the kids sledding with some others in the neighborhood. Just so you guys know, we have the best neighbors....EV-UH! They are so much fun!!

 This right here was hysterical. Here in the South, we don't own sleds...what's the point? We won't see another snow like this for 15 more years:o) So we use what we our case, we have laundry baskets. 
Watch our little dare devil:
And yes, I waited to pick her up AFTER I took the picture:o)
 We have had a blast today. I even made snow cream, which is so yummy!! A big shout out goes to the mom-in-law for providing her recipe. Definitely a keeper(mom-in-law and recipe;o)HA!)
Anyway, we knew that this line of snow was coming, so I made sure to knock out a few projects that required working outdoors before the really cold air hit.
The one I am sharing with you today started out like this:
Well, actually, this is after sanding...with our NEW orbital sander!!
(It's totally awesome!!!)
 This was another roadside find that my friend Sharon found while walking her dog. She is the one who found S.R.'s chair on the side of the road. 
You guys keep her in your prayers right now. 
She just had knee surgery and recovery is really painful. I know she would appreciate them!!!
 There were a few things that needed to be fixed with this find.
1)Remove the icky gunk that was on the top of the table
Goo Gone works wonders!!
2)Sand the devil out of it...the poor thing had been varnished to death
3)Tighten up all the loose boards. 
Once all of that was done, it was ready for spray paint. 
It's kind of tricky in cold weather, but I got it done. I made sure the paint was warm and that the table was warm. Then I would run out to the garage with the door slightly open for ventilation purposes, spray really quickly and then run the table back inside to dry. It actually worked really well. 
And this is how it turned out.
 Nothing too spectacular, but it looks so much better and serves a great purpose. It's like it was made for this spot:o) We already had the little basket and it's perfect for holding the extra printer paper.
Here's a peek at what I am currently working on.
I can't wait to reveal what I am doing with them!! 
Have a great rest of the day!!