Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bits and Bobs

1) China's RE bubble is in trouble. This is critical for us here in BC. This guy says..'get out of China'.

IF he is right, commodities will be in big trouble.

2) Mixed picture on the prices from Larry- some places like Coquitlam are down big while others like East Van are up big, even with lower sales. Well, we will know in a few days what the average and benchmark numbers are.

3) Make this site your RE hub. This may not be the best or most high tech site, in fact far from it :)

but I have listed all the best site here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And you can see in an instant when they put up their posts.

4) Ads. Well readers I know you are interested in the ad experiment and I did promise to tell you how rich I got from throwing the ads up. I have made a total of $39 from ads since I signed up with Google Adsense two month ago. In fact I haven't made anything since they only pay when it gets to $100 and then after you jump through a number of hoops. SO what say you all..since the return is so minimal shall I get rid of the ads and spare you all the distractions. I will be swayed by your comments.