Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ok folks what did you see this week-end?

I went round some of the open houses d/t and saw condos in grade A buildings , with views and nicely up-dated asking $550/foot or less.

That is lower than I have seen for most of this year.

I would be very surprised if we don't see a lower HPI for condos this month.

I also suspect we are due to get an up-tick in interest rates. I don't mean the B of C decision coming up on the 19th October - I doubt if even Mark Carney knows what he is going to do. Maybe he will just open the paper that morning and see what the head-lines say and decide on that. After all- we were double dipping a few weeks ago, now we are all systems go!

I am talking about 10 and 30 year rates which have been trending down with the US rates and look to me like they want to start a little rebound.