Friday, October 8, 2010

Some end of the week numbers

Last 7 days..only going to look at list and sales...

North Shore:

139 New
12 back from the dead
62 sold


22 New
11 back
8 sales


131 New
9 returning
69 in new hands


13 New
3 Old friends
6 in debtor's hands

Van West:

314 Virgins
20 Old hands
146 Bought for an arm and a leg


93 Freshly ground
8 stale but trying again
32 off to the chapel

Sunshine Coast:

28 pulled on
14 pulled back on
9 gone for now


103 fresh as fallen snow
12 trampled a bit
38 shovlled up

Have a great week-end. May put a post up on Sunday, if not - enjoy the turkey or tofurkey or sweet and sour turkey or curried turkey or shish turkey or whatever tickles your fancy.