Friday, May 17, 2013

Throwing your money over-board

It is sad to see how the government is wasting your money.

The party that claimed in the latest election to be the more fiscally conservative one. the one that hopes to balance the budget is the one doing crazy things like this:

1) Paying $2 Million to a Traditional Chinese Medicine doc  who apparently saw 400 patients a day! That's one every couple of minutes for 12 hours! (hat tip Vancouver Condo info)


2) Paying $6 Million to defend two of it's own fraudsters and then the Chief Justice says the auditor general CANNOT audit the Lawyers bills to see if we have been screwed.

If you feel like you are being managed by a bunch of self-serving incompetent fools in Victoria, you are right. 

And people wonder why less than 50% bother to vote. When the choice is a between an idiot and a ditherer - why bother!

Of course the Conservatives claim to be fiscally conservative in Ottawa too. Except their senators keep putting their hands deep into the public purse (though not as much the above fellow) and they have no problem doubling the CMHC liability - adding $300 BILLION to the anchor around our necks..oh and increasing the debt and deficit at the same time.